Networking Groups

Blind and visually impaired people and their families and friends gather together to share stories, network with other people in their community and listen to speakers talk about issues of the blind. Topics are determined by the group attendees with the facilitator. The get-togethers run two hours, and food and drinks are always served. Each group is placed in an area of need to the community. Meetings are on the same day each month unless otherwise indicated by holiday or facility schedule.

Job Readiness Training

Our Job Readiness Training program (JRT) teaches a six-part program, which includes personal and socialization skills, resume and cover-letter writing, application training, job seeking skills, interviewing skills and job retention. Upon completion of the 20-hour program, the student can demonstrate the necessary skills to find work in an area of their expertise. This program is the groundwork to our job placement services. Many students continue with the job placement at the end of Job Readiness Training.

Job Placement Services

Blind Ambitions Groups Job Placement Services program assists individuals (“consumers”) with job development using resources developed by the Blind Ambitions Groups staff. Our job development team works closely with our consumers to find job opportunities in their area of expertise. Our job development team then informs the consumer of opportunities within their career goals, location of the job within their travel requirements and let the consumer evaluate the job for themselves. Blind Ambitions Groups Job Placement services is a service to assist the consumer to use their skills to find jobs and help the consumer with advocacy, education of the potential employers and assists them in after-employment follow up.

Blind Ambitions Magazine

Since January of 2011, so many things have worked into place to create Blind Ambitions Magazine. First there was an idea. Then there was a group of people sharing ideas about what should go into the magazine. There was a ton of research about topics, writers, websites, marketing avenues, advertising potential, and popularity surveys. It took more than a year and a half to put everything together, but we finally succeeded. Blind Ambitions Magazine was a conglomeration of many people who worked very hard to bring this to you. . I also want to thank those of the Blind Ambitions Groups who gave input along the way. If it had not been for this ensemble of such a great team, this would not be a reality today. So I give you the tireless efforts of the Blind Ambitions Magazine. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did, creating it for you. ~A message from Mark Marvel.