Mark my words: A Message from the Publisher June 12, 2012

Since January of 2011, so many things have worked into place to create Blind Ambitions Magazine. First there was an idea. Then there was a group of people sharing ideas about what should go into the magazine. There was a ton of research about topics, writers, websites, marketing avenues, advertising potential, and popularity surveys. It took more than a year and a half to put everything together but we finally succeeded. The June Issue of Blind Ambitions Magazine is a conglomeration of many people who worked very hard to bring this to you. Those people include Michael Jarrett, Vice President and Assistant Publisher, Nancy O’Donnell, Editor, Christine Chaikin, Research Manager and Advertising and Subscription Sales, Harry David Kowal, Multimedia Director, Jessica Freise, Website Programmer and Developer, and Tamara Freise, E-zine Designer. I also want to thank those of the Blind Ambitions Groups who gave input along the way. If it had not been for this ensemble of such a great team, this would not be a reality today. So I give you the tireless efforts of the Blind Ambitions Magazine. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did, creating it for you.

Mark Marvel

How does it work?

Blind Ambitions Magazine comes in two wonderful flavors sure to please. There is our E-Zine, which is both visually appealing and completely accessible, and the rather self-explanatory audio CD. In order to subscribe to either one, you must first register and then log in using the form found on every page of the website. Once you have logged in, click on the My Account link which appears underneath your name in order to proceed!

If you register with us during the month of June 2012, you will be able to download our first issue completely free!

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